How to Check the Construction Quality of a House?

How to Check the Construction Quality of a House?

  • September 24, 2020
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Do you want to live in an unsafe building? Obviously, you don’t want to endanger your life or your loved ones by staying in a house or a building whose built quality is very poor. So as a buyer, you should always check the construction quality of the house/property before moving in. Why? With so many top real estate developers in the market promising to offer residential projects at affordable pricing, checking the quality of the construction is of paramount importance. Any construction should meet the high-quality standard or else it might not be safe to reside in the house.

If you are planning to invest your hard-earned money with one of the residential projectsyou should be a bit careful. While checking out the construction quality might not be an easy job; still, it’s recommended that one should pay a surprise visit to the construction site to check the quality.

Follow this blog and we will guide you with the ways that would help you in checking the quality of the house.

Tips To Check the Construction Quality of a House

In case you are planning to buy a flat or apartment that is a part of any ongoing residential projects, you should visit the site of construction from time to time. During your visit, don’t forget to carry out a thorough inspection of the site. Try to be a little bit careful and watch out for signs that would tell you if the house/ property you are planning to in is worth it or not.

Here’s a small checklist that would help you to check the quality of the house/property.

Check Out the Soil

The type and quality of the soil are very important. There is no denying that the soil varies from one place to another. Hence, checking the characteristic of the ground soil is very crucial. It’s the soil that would determine the building strength. It must be kept in mind that some soil might not support high-rise buildings. Make sure a soil test has been done on the site before the construction begins.

Check the Structural Design

While inspecting a house/property, the structural design of flats shouldn’t be overlooked. The strength and structure are decided on the following factors, such as walls, columns, beams, and roof. Care should be taken to ensure that the design meets the safety standard, as well as the rigidity of the building. The developer must state if the building will be able to withstand an earthquake or any other disaster. Hence, for checking the structural quality seeking the advice of an architect is advisable.

Wall Thickness Check

The width of the walls must be checked in the layout agreement. While visiting the construction site, make sure the specified width has been met. In fact, the wall quality can be checked by pressing the wall with an object like a key. If the wall is made up of poor quality material, it would develop a hold or a crack easily. This means low-quality material is being used for the construction.

Fitting and Fixture Check

Homebuyers should pay attention to some minute details when surveying the construction quality of a house/property. Most of the residential projects come with top-quality fixtures to ensure a high-level of comfort. Make sure that all electric appliances like ceiling fans or switches are working properly. Also, fittings of the bathroom or kitchen are in a good state. If you are not satisfied with anything inform the builder immediately.

Check Concrete Mix

The quality of the concrete mix utilized in a building development decides the load-bearing limit of a structure. Renowned developers will guarantee that they utilize the best concrete mix for building homes. You can check the nature of cement utilized for development by driving a nail into the divider. On the off chance that the nail gets embedded effectively with no exertion, at that point, it implies that the solid quality isn’t sufficient.

These are some basic tips that would help you in checking the construction quality of a house/property.

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