How to Reduce The Maintenance Cost of your House?

How to Reduce The Maintenance Cost of your House?

  • December 23, 2019
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You have shelled lakhs of rupees to purchase your dream home. Even after that, the cost of home ownership doesn’t end here. In order to maintain the property, owners are required to pay a maintenance cost. As homeowners, you can’t avoid this cost.

In fact, most owners don’t pay much attention to the maintenance charge during booking their property. But as soon as the possession date approaches, it starts to haunt the buyers. After all, the cost of maintenance eats up a considerable part of the owner’s income. In case, you are looking for ways to cut down the overall maintenance cost, you will need to have a proper plan in place.

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Understanding Maintenance Charge

A housing project has a common area. As per the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, the developer is in charge of proffering and maintaining necessary services at reasonable maintenance charges. The charge needs to be paid by the homeowners of the building.

With the formation of RWA, the developer won’t be able to charge anything for maintenance. The maintenance charge is applicable for gardens, parks, staircases, lobbies, fire escapes, elevators, community centers, entrances and exits of the building, common parking areas, and installations of central services and things necessary for the building.

Paying Heed to the Maintenance Cost

Pranav Constructions has been able to make its mark in the real estate market for honesty, transparency, and credibility. Residents can take a sneak-peak into the amount spend on maintenance from our end along with a complete price breakup.

Most buyers don’t give much attention to the maintenance charge. However, when they need to pay a huge amount of money, it becomes a thing of concern. In case, you want to reduce the maintenance cost of your dream home, you can try out the following tips.

Tips to Reduce the Maintenance Cost

Energy Audit

Take a look into the areas where energy is mostly consumed in your home. Once you find it out, fix them in order to save money. For instance, taking care of the cracks on the walls can cut down the electricity bill.

Conserve Energy

Adding solar panels for generating electricity can be a great choice to cut down the electricity costs. The generated electricity from the solar panels can be used for lighting the common areas like the car parking area, lobbies, parks, and so on.

Build Water Reserve

With the help of rain-water harvesting system, water can be easily conserved. When you are able to save a lot of water, it


Maintaining an old system can prove to be costly. Hence, replacing the air conditions or lights, which is beyond repair can help to cut down the maintenance costs. Changing the air ducts of the HVAC system can be costly. Hence, it’s better to replace an old HVAC system with a new one.

Rather than depending on a professional, it’s always better to carry out the drilling work by your own.

Creating a Maintenance Schedule

You need to have a proper maintenance schedule in place. The schedule would help you to ensure that every part of the property or your home is clean. When each area is cleaned from time to time, it can reduce the workload.

Along with the aforementioned tips, you can easily save a lot. Hence, your maintenance cost for your dream home would get reduced.

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