Mettivilla CHSL – Exclusive 2 BHK Flats in Goregaon West

Mettivilla CHSL – Exclusive 2 BHK Flats in Goregaon West

  • March 11, 2020
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Mettivilla CHSL is located at the heart of Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon. Over the last few years, this destination has become a popular homebuyers destination. The location is found to have seamless connectivity with superior infrastructure. Besides the exclusive lifestyle, the area also offers exceptional standards of institutions and other upmarket lifestyle facilities. Our ongoing project in Jawahar Nagar comes with the specifications as mentioned below.

  • Project Status: Ongoing
  • Plot Area: 501 Sq.Mtr
  • Apartment Options: 2 BHK – 600 – 635 Sq.Ft
  • Constructible Area: 1352.7 Sq.Mtr
  • Reasons to Make you Home Here

Needless to say, the ongoing construction is packed with reasons to make your home. The reasons are genuine and convincing at the same time. The construction is moving at a time where people are looking for the best in class amenities. But the advantage is you get to experience the most upgraded version of modern lifestyle. This means, the amenities here are the latest ones and you are the first to enjoy them. Now it isn’t that great!

Great Connectivity

The first reason why you will enjoy your stay in the exclusive 2BHK Flats in Goregaon West is the transport facilities. With the fastest and most effective modes of transport facilities, you can reach most of the major cities in almost no time.

Top Location

When you are in this location nothing seems too far. Let’s help you understand this more clearly. The nearest railway station is just 2 mins from here. The nearest school is just 3 mins from here. The nearest airport is just 20 minutes from here. The nearest hospital is just 5 mins from here. The nearest market is just 3 mins away. And guess what, the nearest shopping mall is only 5 mins from here. So practically, you can move out almost anytime anywhere.

No Compromises on Safety

At Pranav Constructions we hate to compromise on the quality of the work we do. And when it comes to safety we take it very seriously. You can judge this on your own and let us tell you how. The two main safety concerns are the quality of construction and security while residing. As for the quality of construction, our buildings are constructed with the best construction materials in the market. So there are no worries about the durability of the construction. When it comes to the security of the building, we have 24 hours running CCTV cameras. Whether you are there or not our CCTV’s have an eye on everything.

Higher Standard of Living

With some of the best amenities and ultra-modern style of construction, Mettivilla is one of the best places to experience a higher standard of living. At Mettivilla you will find almost all your needs near you. Customize the interiors as per your styles and enjoy the lifestyle you have dreamt of for so long. Let your dreams turn to reality with Mettivilla.

Make your life mesmerizing each day in your abode in Mettivilla – 2 BHK Flats in Goregaon West. Choose fine living over traditional lifestyles to enjoy every second in ease.

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