Innovations That Have Taken Real Estate to a New Level in Mumbai

Innovations That Have Taken Real Estate to a New Level in Mumbai

  • October 14, 2020
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The real estate sector has gone through drastic progress. It’s no longer restricted to the construction of a basic four-walled room with the help of stones and mortar. It has gone beyond that as it is now involved in the construction of high-rise buildings with all modern amenities in one place.

There is no denying that the innovations within the real estate sector have pushed the real estate market to a new zenith. Unorganized housing complexes have given way to planned housing societies with world-class facilities under one roof. On top of that, the real estate sector has now become even more transparent with the coming of many favorable housing schemes, policies, and new technological advancements.

In case, you are wondering about the technical advancements that have taken the real estate sector or the redevelopment projects to a new height, just follow the rest of the post.

Housing Schemes

The Indian real estate market has taken an important step. They are offering housing schemes which are turning out to be quite affordable to the middle-class people. Apart from the schemes offered by the private developers, one gets to see several schemes launched by the government, such as Housing for All, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, and so on. 

The government schemes are ideal for the weaker section of the society, like the low-income group or middle-class people who can’t afford to invest in residential projects launched by private developers like PCPL. However, the schemed brought up by PCPL are ideal for upper-middle-class people who are dreaming of getting a luxurious house. PCPL feels proud to come up with affordable residential projects in Mumbai with all the necessary amenities.

Home Automation

Well, the IoT is known to connect people with people, things with things, and people with things. Hence, smart houses are no longer fiction. In most smart-cities, whether the project taken up by the redevelopment builder is for a residential purpose or a commercial purpose, home automation is becoming an important feature of every modern home or commercial space.

New homebuyers lookout for this feature when buying their new home. Smart homes are a trend as it allows the owners to control their gadgets or other home-appliances easily. As a result, developers are also going a step ahead to come up with homes with these facilities.


The government has taken many steps to regularize the real estate market of India. Well, one can take into consideration the RERA (Real Estate Regulations Act). This act came into place to keep the developers in check and also for protecting the stakeholders’ interest. All real estate projects must be registered with RERA so the regulator can have jurisdiction over the redevelopment projects. The act is helping home buyers as they can easily make a complaint against the developer if they delay or stop the project, or charge unreasonably from them. To gain back the trust of the buyers for the real estate sector, this can be helpful.

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