Angstroms headed by its Principal Architect Pranav Kiran Ashar provide elite and high quality Architectural designs and Project Execution Solutions to all Projects in and around Mumbai.


1. Architecture Department and Execution team

 – Architect Ninad Patkar

– Architect Vaibhav Tanir

– Architect Shefali Patil

– Architect Bhavin Jariwala

– Architect Sneha Agarwal

2.  Site Supervisors and Coordinators

– Paresh Pangerkar– Senior Site Supervisor

– Srikant Kolate – Site Supervisor

– Chirag Barot–  Site Co-ordinator

 Ravi Solanki – Site Co-ordinator

– Saurabh Vinde – Site Co-ordinator

 3. Administration and HR Department

– Rakesh Correa – Senior Manager

– Arun Ashar – Manager