About Construction Companies in Mumbai

Pranav Construction is well known Construction Companies in Mumbai. We have Constructed various 1 BHK and 2 BHK Flats in Mumbai. We have various Upcomming and Ongoing redevelopment projects in Malad, Goregaon in Mumbai. We are top Property Redevelop Company Mumbai.

<!– Our team consists of committed architects, consultants, engineers and contractors who are ready to work round-the-clock to meet your requirements. –>


Angstroms headed by its Principal Architect Pranav Kiran Ashar provide elite and high quality Architectural designs and Project Execution Solutions to all Projects in and around Mumbai.



1. Architecture Department and Execution team

 – Architect Ninad Patkar

– Architect Samidha Prabhu

– Architect Bhavin Jariwala

– Architect Sneha Agarwal



2.  Site Supervisors and Coordinators

– Sumit Desai– Coordination Head

– Paresh Pangerkar– Senior Site Supervisor

– Srikant Kolate – Site Supervisor

– Chirag Barot–  Site Co-ordinator

 Ravi Solanki – Site Co-ordinator

– Saurabh Vinde – Site Co-ordinator

 3. Administration and HR Department

– Rakesh Correa – Senior Manager

– Arun Ashar – Manager


  Auditors : Prashant Shah & Associates 1010, 10TH FLOOR, Gold Crest Business, Centre, Opp. Manubhai Jewellers, L.T.Road,Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400 092. Tel.: 2892 8441 / 2890 7518. FAX : 2891 9866   angstroms-logo Designer : 5/42 Navjyoti CHSL. MG Road Unnat Nagar 2, Goregaon West, Mumbai – 400 104 Maharashtra ,India Tel.: 022 – 28780547



Architecture Department and Execution team                Site Supervisors and Coordinators                                            

  1.Architect Ninad Patkar                                                     1.Paresh Pangerkar– Senior Site Supervisor

  2. Architect Vaibhav Tanir                                                   2.Srikant Kolate – Site Supervisor

  3.  Architect Shefali Patil                                                     3.Chirag Barot–  Site Co-ordinator

  4. Architect Bhavin Jariwala                                               4.Ravi Solanki – Site Co-ordinator

  5. Architect Sneha Agarwal                                                5.Saurabh Vinde – Site Co-ordinator

Architecture Department and Execution team

  1. Architect Arun Fizardo
  2. Architect Ninad Patkar

Site Supervisors and Coordinators

  1. Noel Drego- Senior Site Coordinator
  2. Paresh Pangerkar– Senior Site Supervisor
  3. Srikant Kolate – Site Supervisor

Administration and HR Department

  1. Arun Ashar – Senior Manager
  2. Rakesh Correa – Manager
Our Elite Team of Key Associates & Consultants
Architect : Rasik P. Hingoo & Associates
Structural Consultants : Shanghvi & Associates Consultants Pvt.Ltd.
Legal Advisor : J. R. Vakil& Associates (Reg.) Advocate High Court
Auditors : Prashant Shah & Associates
Quality Control Management

PRANAV CONSTRUCTIONS PVT. LTD. has developed, documented and implemented Quality Management system as per ISO-9001:2008 Standard. We have established and implemented a documented system, to aim at continual improvement. All kind of resources and information needed for supporting Quality control and its monitoring are provided & ensured by our company. Following steps are taken to achieve planned results: • A dedicated Design team to provide efficient design solutions to our customers. • Systematic procedure followed through various departments to ensure perfection in execution. • Active involvement of the consistent consultants and experts team. • ISI approved building materials of the best quality for construction. • Implementation of modern construction techniques. • Site supervision by Qualified Engineers and Architects. • Systematic documentation of all activities. • Safety precautions at all site. • All processes are continually analyzed to achieve desired results.

Quality Control of Outsourced Activities

Quality Control of Outsourced Activities: Structural design, Material testing, Concrete cube testing, Mix Design, Calibration of measuring instruments, Liasioning and Internal Audits are outsourced activities. Suitable controls are established in controlling these outsourced activities like Test Reports, Quality control analysis reports, Certificate of calibrations and Internal Audit reports respectively.