Eco Friendly Properties –the future of real-estate

We’re living in a time of depletion. Where everything is exhaustible and our actions will directly impact the quality of life of our future generations. More and more industries are becoming conscious of the deadly problem of global warming and spending considerable time dishing out fantastic and new innovations to create a world that does not burden nature but instead tries to facilitate an eco-friendly environment.

The trend has caught on in the Indian real estate space as well and is commonly known as ‘Green Housing’. So what exactly is this green housing trend all about? What does an eco-friendly property boast of? Properties built with a green thumb have features that greatly benefit the environment, and subsequently human health and the economy at large. Such a home uses water efficiently, by saving up to 30 percent, effectively uses landscapes, generates a lot less waste and consumes up to 40 percent less power. A green building is developed taking into account various factors that help reduce living expenses, for example, a well-designed building can significantly decrease the need for air conditioning.

Today, only 2 percent of commercial real estate in Mumbai and other parts of the nation is eco-friendly. Though this concept is at a nascent stage, this figure will grow at a rapid pace in the near future. With several real estate construction companies in India realising the benefits of eco-friendly properties. A green building brings a lot of value to the table and will always have an attractive resale price.

Sustainable construction is undoubtedly destined to be the latest buzz word among real estate construction companies in India, however, what must be considered by buyers before zeroing down on a green property is the green certificate that needs to be provided by the developer. Unfortunately, many buildings are green-washed and most customers fail to distinguish between a fake and a genuine eco-friendly property.

With active support from the government and the private sector, green buildings will soon become the norm. Several corporate houses have a policy to only occupy green buildings. The huge growth in awareness about these buildings will skyrocket their demand. All in all the future of the construction industry the world over is headed in the right direction, where people can finally inhabit homes that do not wreak havoc on the ecosystem.